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KIDS FIT GO! is a simple and fun program that provides kids the knowledge to make healthy, lifelong choices. Empowered with this knowledge, KFG! graduates can lead the quest to share the health principles establishing a new generation of healthy individuals. KFG! is easily implemented in a myriad of youth settings.  

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Equip a new generation of youth with physical, mental, and spiritual skills and establish a global outreach for preventive health.

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By equipping youth with the knowledge of how food and exercise affect the body for life long strength, overall health and disease prevention, we can influence and develop a global generation of health leaders.


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KFG! Pillars

Pillars support reversing the effects of childhood obesity and reduced physical activity drastically improving areas in life such as self-image, food choices, physical activity, and education. KFG! plants the seeds that will influence healthy behavior for decades to come both locally and globally.



Integrate KFG!

Whether you have after-school programs, Troops, day camp, divisional youth camp, sports team practice or homework clubs, KFG! can operate within your programs year round or in sync with school semesters. It can also operate as its own program.


KFG! Content

KFG! Program-in-a-box includes a quick start guide, coaches guidebook, lesson plans, videos, pre and post health assessments and parent and kid surveys.


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Get Started

Let’s consult to implement KFG! at your location.

Internship Opportunities

KFG! internship provides an opportunity to develop skills to help youth in our communities. Benefits may include accreditation with universities and colleges, and stipend positions. All internships provide valuable education with hands on experience.